In case you have questions....(FAQs)

  1. What colors are used in Yajelle soaps and sugar scrubs? The sugar scrubs and soaps sold on Yajelle are naturally colored with powders such as numeric powder, charcoal powder and blue indigo powder. Natural colors also tend to fade over time.
  2. How long will my bar of soap last? How long your handmade soap lasts can depend on several factors: how many people are using the same bar of soap and how often. The handmade soaps sold in the store do not have preservatives to extend shelf life, so they do tend to finish faster than commercially made soaps. 
  3. How long will scents / fragrances / aromas last? The  scents / fragrances / aromas used in Yajelle's products can last for a few months, but will reduce over time. The scented soaps are intentionally only lightly scented, to keep with the natural and simplistic vibe of the soaps. 



  1. How long will my sugar scrub last? Your sugar scrub can last for one month or more, but this depends on how often you use the scrubs. Please note that the sugar grains will eventually dissolve or get smaller as time goes by, but that's the nature of sugar scrubbies! 
  2. How often should I use sugar scrubs? You can use your sugar scrub as often as you feel comfortable. Please note that too much scrubbing can irritate the skin, Please go easy on the scrubbing if your skin becomes irritated.