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Emulsified Lemongrass Body Sugar Scrub

Emulsified Lemongrass Body Sugar Scrub

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This lemongrass sugar scrub is exfoliating and made with pure sugar cane. Tumeric powder gives its natural bright yellow color. Simply scoop the scrub into your hands and massage over your hands, back and feet. Then rinse off to experience a great feeling on your skin! This sugar scrub is bare bones and contains simple, minimal ingredients. 
This sugar scrub is prepared in small batches to preserve its freshness. Because of the nature of handmade sugar scrubs, the colors may vary slightly in different batches.

INGREDIENTS: Grapeseeed Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Pure Vitamin E, Pure Cane Sugar, Granulated Sugar, Emulsifying Wax, Cetyl Alcohol, Optiphen (preservative).

FRAGRANCES: Lemongrass Essential Oil.

NATURAL COLOR: Tumeric Powder.
*Keep scrub away from fabric to avoid staining. 

- Please avoid using the scrub on your face, as the sugar grains may irritate the face.
- The sugar scrub provides a strong exfoliating effect. Use the scrub on your hands, feet and body.
- The sugar scrub is for external use only. Please do not taste or swallow the scrub.
- For a stronger or more robust exfoliation, apply less water to your body after a bath. For a softer exfoliation, apply more water to your body after a bath.
- Continue to scrub until the scrub dissolves. As you continue to scrub, this will create a lotion effect on the body. 
- Natural colors may bleed in the rinse. Natural colors may fade over time. Please keep the jar out of the sun to preserve the natural color of the scrub.
- Please only take the needed amount and keep the unused portion of the scrub covered and stored in a cupboard in cold temperatures. Avoid getting the scrub wet to promote a longer shelf life.
- Different people react differently to body products. Constant use of the scrub may irritate skin. If your skin reacts unfavorably to the scrub, please discontinue using it immediately.

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